Olive Pony Baseball

2023 Spring Manager Applications


Welcome to Olive Pony Baseball Manager/Coach Application

Thank you for your interest in managing/coaching a team for the Spring 2023 Season. 
We require all potential managers to complete the following Manager Application so that we can begin the manager selection process for the Spring 2023 Season.  Final manager selections will be made at the sole discretion of the Olive Pony Baseball Board of Directors. 
Olive Pony Baseball recognizes that the adult volunteers who manage our baseball teams are the backbone of the organization. Managers make a significant contribution of talent, time, and effort for the betterment of the community. Olive Pony strives to maximize coaching effectiveness in order to create the best  experience for all participants. Managers accept primary responsibility for organizing the team and establishing a positive team environment.
Please carefully read and complete the following Manager Application in order to obtain some general background information about you.  Please note that the selection committee considers a number of factors when considering applications. Those factors include, but are not limited to, knowledge of rules, ability to teach skills, organization, leadership, motivation, personality, communication, discipline, ability to get along with others, dedication, evaluations, conduct, adherence to league philosophy, prior volunteer, and managing experience.
Prior experience is not a pre-requisite, especially for those applying to manage lower lever divisions such as Tee Ball and Machine Pitch.
Each Team Manager is allowed four (4) freezes for their team.
**Applicants will also be subject to background screening.**


Please direct questions to: email@oliveponybaseball.com

Buddy Klovstad

President, Olive Pony Baseball

Matthew Cotter

Vice President & Player Agent, Olive Pony Baseball